All about water

I can still hear the water fallings ,

And the tick tacks of my heart…

Fast, like a lion, running.

Was I running from something ?

Or it’s just the fear from water.

Yet i lay like a dead body on a bath tub,

Surrounded by insects of any kind,

The worst ones !

I can barely breathe and my life is about to take the other turn,

To the right,

Where the water washes all of the worries,

Sins, Heart breaking hearts , Dozens of wrong pills, Emptiness, Tears, And most of all lies.

How strange it feels,

That water,

Can kill and give birth again to a single soul !

Coincidence, Isn’t it !?

Or it’s just about my imagination that wanders around,

Nowhere but the region of the blue color !

I died the other night,

But I had to wash myself five times per day to give birth to my future,

And to the only thing that still true remains,

That no eye saw, And no ear heard !

It’s all about the water !!


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