Are you brave enough ?

Oh darling,
Don’t you feel pity for leaving me walking alone the dirty roads of Skopje,
Don’t you ?
Don’t you get scared that I can be lost just like the lights when electricity goes insane,
Don’t you ?
Don’t you feel like world has taken your love and gave it to nobody but the lonely streets of Skopje ?
Don’t you ?
Don’t you ask yourself whether I go out to forget you or whether i hangout cuz I have already forgotten you?
Don’t you?
Don’t you get scared that someone might take all of my colors away ?
And built the worst pride ever ?
Don’t you get scared ?
Do you ever ask yourself that there are hundreds of beasts outside your box and the only thing that you left to me are the beautiful prayers ?
Don’t you ask yourself that, that is not enough for a person who can be lost anytime down the downtown ?
Don’t you just sit and realize that time has gone crazy since the last seen minute ?
Don’t you remember how much life you put on me, merely by being honest and pure?
Don’t you judge yourself and eschew all of your friends suggestions that being far away is a bad thing,
indeed it’s a good thing,
It can duplicate love, words and all in all understanding.
Don’t you get scared if I could die just the other night when I was left alone and the fast feet started running from the fear ?
Don’t you come and rescue the Queen ?
I’m asking for the last time,
Do you dare to save the greatest love of your life ?
Do you darling ?

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