First painting

From the time I was born I was blessed with wings,

They are white.

And the power to fly.

Have I told you that I still fly so high ?

And my wings started to get dirty,

Yet I still fly.

You may ask yourself which is the reason behind all this adventure ?

For I have to thank the One that gave me these wings,

For I have to thank people that they taught me how dirty they can turn to,

That my white color still lives in me,

And I have no reason to abandon it.

Hold on,

Told me Sky,

And whispered to me about the wild storms,

Surrounded with different faces,

Black and grey.


Be brave and continue your journey.

And when the night came,

I had to talk to the starts,

To ask whether they saw you,

Or my illusion for a better view was merely a tale,

Or a poem losing its sense.

Yet I still fly,

Holding my heart,

Right in my hands.

For this is my only journey,

A one direction ticket,

I want it white,

Lost in love,

Filled with storms, challenges,

Most of all with patience !


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