I decided to talk

Tears broke me into pieces,

Suffer took away my favorite color,

People laughed when I told them that I fly,

With my white wings in every corner just to marry the night,

To stare and find beauty in all those stars.

Indifference brought arrogance,

Some words yelled so much that harassed my home,

And I succumb everything in just one shot.

I invite my poems to play their words,

The best of the purple spirit,

In just one song,

A beautiful voice,

That will catch you in sleep and wonder whether I talked to stars or not ?

I eschew bad habits,

And turn my poems into butterflies,

Besiege them with the best of perfumes ,

I know you’ll recognize them,

They will afflict green,

Trouble you,

Venom you,

Drive you nuts.

But you will feel fine,

After you vomit all the diseases,

For I’ll advocate you with the best of words.

And I let the universe fall into our poems,

For I will conquer every good deed,

Scrutinize every heart.

Don’t get to zealous,

It is just a poem,


Catch the beauty of the soul !


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