Do not misunderstand me

Because my passages are so long

I need to empty all sorrows

And goodbyes

For there is a huge space in reaching the sky

I may even look insane

Because of my wishes

And forgetting about myself

Thinking how to make others  smile

Even my poems neither are in good relation with stanzas

Nor iambic pentameter

I am not Whitman or Dickinson

My world is far from being the same as ones

Boundaries do not apply to me

When slowly I seek to whiten my soul

For you to get blind by its beauty

For these kilometres burn every love

And I apologize for being so far

As my real wings are in progress

My head is a mess

My lips are made not only to kiss

But to smile a lot

And my words

Get the nectar from my heart

To have the same taste as honey

Oh kilometres

Are made to separate for real

But this is just physically

You, and your place

Is always between the sun and the moon

And our meeting is inside stars

For we have to experience the act of melting

To burn for real

For this world  won’t let us be the same

Oh kilometres !


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