Looking for you

That night I could only hear the noise that the soft wind was making,
But the circle of thinking was disturbing me in many ways merely to walk through your land,
And I found you there, sleeping and breathing so slowly.
Perhaps that’s the end, in breathing,
But my heart didn’t want an end,
It just wanted to feel and see what the real situation was.
Again my thoughts climbed the mountains, passed the borders to meet your white heart,
Cuz this is how i call beautiful people,
The White Ones.
Not only your heart, but your words,
Your best of behaviors and most of all your eyes.
I can say that i want to think more and maybe through thinking i can explore your world,
A magic one,
Inside it, me .
I am poor enough for i have nothing else,
But some love poems,
For which I

still don’t know were to address to.
Don’t blame me, help instead !


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