Poetry 2

dooes my greatest secret remain hidden in my eye,

Or even the green betrayed me for such a great case,

And you can read them,

Cuz they say it all.

Overwhelmed by this happiness,

A melancholia caught my soul ,

Every night,

Every morning,

Every step.

Now I even sing different,

I look myself more in the mirror,

And wonder whether this secret is shown,

Or I have to get drunk more,

And speak words loud,

Cuz there is no shame,

When it comes to happiness.

What could be done ?

When I feel so thirsty,

And I need to get drinks from your fountain ,

Should I get more drunk ?

What’s this foolishness like ?

Maybe just like the wild dancing star,

Going mad,

Crazy, With no regret,


Cuz all I feel is happiness !


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