To be fair

Let’s open the book of a fairytale

I shall be telling  this with a loud voice

For even the roots of love

Are longing to hear

I shall go further

And we shall see

The greatest mystery !

It’s name is purple

Carrying green soul

And a blue body composed of a magnificent song

As I describe it’s beauty

I hear our calling for another dance

In the streets of Skopje

Where fairytales aren’t told

The fear of dreaming caught  them in disguise

My voice melts as I talk about purple

It’s beauty and craziness

Yet you still thirsty remain

For no access to this drink

Have you practiced so long deciphering colors ?

or purple made you sick

mending walls around your eyes

it’s soft heart and lips bite this poem

till it bleeds love

yet hard is to reach it’s beauty just by having a glance

give a touch !


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