Do we meet people  by reason ?

Or stars guide us to match our views .

What could be said if we lose our eyes ?

Or it’s just the moon that makes special the Sky.

Yet, there are still questions about the guitar,

And the songs that were written to the only Sky ,

For my heart won’t last forever,

And I don’t have a single reason to lie.

Let us wonder that Sky talks to us,

Don’t you wonder that someone is hearing your voice,

Because of the prayers addressed up high .

Or it’s just the human nature that messes up with the sun,

Whenever the light comes to life,

It searches for the Sky,

Like the lonely bird,

To match souls,

For we won’t live long.

Or there are too many lines written in just one photo,

And I’m the fool,

I can’t get it in just one shot,

But I still use that camera ( green)

Do I have to be you,

And you be me ?

To have the same view for the Sky ?

Let us stare the Sky,

And wonder,

Wonder a lot….


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