Song of Myself

i am ocean

Your favorite color

Whenever you close your eyes to look for love

The only fountain to drink from

To restore your body and soul !

I am the moon

That lights your heart each night

And whispers fairytales about stars


An establishing  relation between sky and earth !

I am the only museum

Where you can look the perfect pieces created by God

Colors and shapes

Consisting pureness

And for you this is just fear

Like the wind

Trembling with desire to see !

I can candle my soul each night

So you don’t feel the torture made by the darkness

Yet your heart’s consolation is the longing for that light

And the sweet words that grow from my lips

It would not be worth for you

To lie in that dust of pride

Look , you can consume from this fire of love

For you can be free from the tears of unhappiness

I am just like a song

That can be played and danced each day

But only from the right hands

To look at me

I’m just like the Arabian moon

Yet when it comes to stealing hearts

I’m like the Persian page

And when it comes to reading spirits

Just like a poem

One of the

Darwish’s and Nizar’s

I   am a great secret and mystery

Each scent of me

Is covered with love

For my smile

Is like a secret code of signs and glances

That you fail to keep your seriousness in the level

When I wave with my smile

Yet hard is the awakening of people like you

That are intoxicated by fear

Not realizing blindness

I am love

I cannot hide

Like the sun that penetrates clouds

This love has no chains for stopping to be the best

And my eyes are a mirror of my soul’s beauty

Yet everything remains silent

And never fully comes out without having a great reason

For all people can recall this dream

Your heart barks

Your soul aches

Your body is lost in sadness

Your eyes can not sleep

And your prayers are addressed just for me

And your tongue sings melancholy songs

Just as lovers are singing in their misery !


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