You are just like the ocean. Blue. I fear when I’m near you but I want to feel your tranquillity, the best feature you have when you slowly bring it down the streets of Skopje. Isn’t it strange that my heart still looks in different corners just to clash my eyes with your silence ? Or it’s just Skopje that caught my heart worried about your eyes ? No, says mind, because you fear water and you may die, just like many years ago when adventures were the best and the worst experiences. I was wrong at times ,but right at moments. Cuz I still count times when I got into the water to taste fear, to see whether your tranquillity can handle my trembling ? Yet I still stay in front of your color trying to picture out the best painting that our life could have. I was wrong at times, but right at moments.Because all it takes for our life to be pure, is when waves marry our face for the first time in life. I call it magic, fear and lost. Do we match things when we see storms passing by our hearts ? Do we say that I wasn’t ready to swim but people pushed me into the water, cuz all I have to do is kill the fear that lives inside me for years. I was wrong at times, but right at moments. I wanted to die and live for the second time. You ,like the ocean gave me the opportunity to taste death. Yet I brought myself into life again by addressing my prayers up, high in the sky.
I met the best and the worst ocean in my life. Its name is Blue !


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