The battlefield of lies

I was shocked that day,

From the mammoth lie,

From the lie that was facing me for the first time,

And I smiled, knowing that it is a lie,

And said nothing but a smile,

Oh soul of a liar,

How dare you lie me ?

Don’t you know that my sincerity can raze you ?

Make me happy, and tell me what your heart says,

Or say nothing at all .

I fear death and God’s punishment,

And you will feel culpable all the days ahead,

Subjugate your ego,

But your soul is so timorous and won’t let you shine,

I know these lies,

I’ve seen them many times,

For I felt shocked ,

It was because I didn’t expect it from you ,

I blame myself zero,

That I shared the best words of God,

Now  I give you the remuneration of a  liar,

For the rest of your life .


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