Third eye

It was a long night

And I had to check whether everyone felt asleep

So I could peacefully get some sleep for myself.

But life proved to disturb many times

And even after those horrible dreams

I had to wake up

And say Elhamdulilah

For having another chance for life !

Yet I didn’t get distracted from the bad dreams

Cuz I am happy even before I have a reason

Yet people ask me: What stays behind that happiness ?

And the only thing that crosses their mind is a man.

I have to say that I still didn’t narrow love to such level

And love never comes first comparing to freedom .

Look around and tell me what your eyes see ?

Is it just men or your pixels are too small to catch more ?

I got disturb from bad dreams

Cuz each day I see people

Getting killed

Dying from starving

Amorality flowing like a river and taking so many passengers within its flow !

I am happy even before I have a reason

Is that my third eye, the green one

Didn’t get old

Still it searches the Sky


And the white color !

You can decipher, read between the lines

Or you can just consider this a poem

As non sense

Yet I said what I had to !



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